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The CML mission statement:

“Through the delivery of clinical data management software and supporting services to a broad spectrum of renal care facilities, CML will create a working environment which clinicians and administrators have complete access to and comprehensive use of patient health care information, empowering them to significantly improve the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care delivery.”

"Working to improve the quality of Renal Care"

Cybernius Medical Ltd.

(CML) is focused on automating and improving renal healthcare delivery, and commits 100% of its resources to this end. CML continually engages in extensive R&D; more than 30% of CML revenues are invested back into product development. This operating philosophy has kept CML at the leading edge in the field, and has established cyberREN as a leader in clinical data management in Nephrology.

CML started its operations by providing information technology and related services to the North American Market. Offices in Switzerland and Kuala Lumpur have extended CML's products and services offerings to the European and South-East Asian markets.

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cyberREN is a comprehensive, advanced electronic medical record for renal health care delivery. In addition to conventional charting functions, cyberREN provides many novel and useful extensions, such as; sophisticated reporting, data analysis, graphical display of trends, statistical evaluations, automated import of data from dialysis machines or laboratory data systems and automatic calculations (e.g. dialysis efficacy).

cyberREN is a multidisciplinary system i.e. is used by all caregivers involved in the treatment of renal disease, including physicians, nursing staff, social workers, dietitians and technical maintenance personnel.

cyberREN is a complete system supporting all modalities of renal failure treatment, including pre-ESRD (CKD), hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and transplant modalities. CML pioneered the monitoring of remote patient treatment in slow nocturnal hemodialysis (SNHD) treatment.

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New Product News

cyberFUNDS offers a complete, price competitive suite of financial management functions through a fully graphical user interface using modern relational database technology and a full integration with the cyberREN medical record. The design of the system minimizes complexity, automates the integration of clinical and financial data as required by the payers and shortens work flows as well as billing cycle times as much as possible.




Cheshire and Merseyside Renal Services (CMRS) have just recently signed a contract, believed to be the largest in Europe in the past 3 years, under which Cybernius Medical Ltd of Canada will supply the cyberREN Renal Electronic Medical Record system for ten hospitals within the Merseyside and Wirral health economy. It marks a departure away from looking at a dedicated solution for each hospital, instead considering a regional deployment which saves money costs and lowers clinical risk in ensuring that their patent records are available wherever their patients are seen and treated across that region.

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The system will be implemented hosted at Royal Liverpool Hospital and Broadgreen University Hospital and will electronically integrate all Nephrology patient’s medical records including transplant information together with ADT patient demographic information, laboratory results and haemodialysis session treatment data. The treatment centers at Alder Hay, Aintree, Arrowe Park, Broadgreen, Clatterbridge, Countess of Chester, Southport, St Helens, Warrington, and Whiston will also be users of the system.

Speaking on behalf of CMRS Julie Batterton the Associate Directorate Manager Nephrology & Renal Transplant Directorates  Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital Trust said “After a thorough selection process, cyberREN came out on top in every way.  To ensure we were making the correct choice we went to see all the systems we were considering in action and when we went to see cyberREN we realized what could be achieved in Cheshire and Merseyside. We hope to be fully operational by the end of the year.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Cybernius Medical Ltd., Ulrich Simonsmeier, goes on to say, “We worked very hard to secure this contract and we are proud to be adding a second site to North Staffordshire here in the UK. We are simultaneously involved in several other significant tenders for large UK sites. Our success comes upon the back of recent contracts agreements secured in India, Malaysia, California, and New York. Our product EMR system is constantly evolving to meet the changes in Nephrology renal care practice and regulatory environments and our worldwide presence allows us to incorporate the best ideas from each market into cyberREN and its sister product Nephrology cyberREN Office. Our business plan is to maintain our position as the leading Renal E M P R system, and integration services provider, in the world.”

CML provides complete support in the installation and the ongoing utilization of an electronic medical record, commencing with needs assessment/ workflow review, and continuing with site specific deployment and training services, as well as providing ongoing software alterations and advanced training after extended use of the cyberREN product.

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