Cybernius Medical Ltd.

(CML) is committed to the effective utilization of proven, leading edge computing technology in the health care industry.

CML focuses its resources on the development, sale, deployment of and support of the cyberREN® Renal Patient Care Management System, a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) and clinical data analysis and reporting system.

Mission Statement

“Through the delivery of nephrology information management software and services to renal care facilities, we will create a working environment where clinicians and administrators have complete and easy access to patient information empowering them to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.”

Our personnel are highly skilled in the areas of clinical systems, as well as distributed data acquisition and control systems.

We offer a complete range of customer services including the design, development, and the complete commissioning of systems in the clinical environment.


CML is comprised of a dedicated group of professionals with extensive experience in health care delivery, information processing, process analysis and modeling, project management, and sales and marketing, specifically in the medical arm of Nephrology, the study of renal disease.

Business Activities

CML business activities include:

  • cyberREN software development and the provision of related customer services
  • Development of health care information systems
  • Process engineering and modeling
  • Proprietary software development


Quality Assurance Principle

“Cybernius Medical Ltd. will earn from its customers, suppliers and competition the distinction of quality excellence for its products, services and customer relations. We will gain this distinction by ensuring that each functional center employs appropriate processes, monitoring and measuring systems to maximize a preventative Quality Assurance Practice.”

Corporate Direction

As it is CML philosophy to offer high quality, leading edge technology to the renal marketplace.

cyberREN software development re-investment represents approximately 25% of total resource expenditures made by CML, with sales, marketing and administration comprising the remaining percentage.

CML has developed formal, ISO 9000 based corporate policies and procedures for all of our software business activities.

CML’s design and manufacturing practices have been recognized by the FDA, who granted CML 510K approval for its cyberREN technology in 1997.