Code of Ethics

  Core Values

CML conducts its business ethically and in conformance with the laws and regulations of all the countries in which business is conducted. Since its inception, CML has earned its reputation for fairness and otherwise high standards of business conduct .

All commitments and agreements made by CML, whether they be verbal or written, are reviewed and approved in accordance with senile policies and procedures, i.e. at senior levels of corporate management. CML will go beyond its written, contractual responsibilities to ensure that all of its projects are resolved in a manner that is fair, equitable and in the overall interests of the client.

CML practices as well as fosters an environment of open, honest communication, and encourages all clients and business partners to raise any questions or concerns they may have regarding

P O I N T. C L I C K. C A R E.



At CML we’re software engineers, and professionals that take pride in our company.

Our success is your success!

No missing pieces

CML enters into a partnership with each of its clients and becomes a direct extension of a client’s operations. CML strives for a long term partnership.

CML is committed to innovation as well as to continuity and reliability. The advancement of the use of Information Technology in nephrology for the benefit of the patient is a prime CML value.

CML fosters the professional and personal development of its employees and offers pleasant, challenging and rewarding working conditions.

CML treats all client information as personal and proprietary, and voluntarily or contractually becomes a link in the Chain of Trust extended to the patient, of which each client is also a link. The integrity of personal patient information or of client information is guaranteed and never compromised. CML treats such information as it treats its own confidential and proprietary assets.