It is CML’s commitment to provide its clients with the highest quality products and services. Since its early days, CML has been dedicated to putting highly qualified people, effective processes, and best practices in place to ensure that its customers benefit from superior product quality and an exceptional level of personal service. The quality systems and the tradition of quality that were implemented by CML’s founders are being carried forward and further refined by its current management team.

CML Best Practices

CML follows established, FDA certified software engineering practices in the conceptualization, design, construction and verification of its software products. Our development life cycle ensures that- clinical and technical requirements are well defined and documented, that- software releases are carefully planned, scheduled, and controlled, and that - software modules are thoroughly verified early in the development cycle as well as in an integrated test.

You take care of your patients
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Client Consultation
It is CML policy to closely consult with its clients in the design of the new product features. CML follows a stringent beta testing program that ensures that our products are tested by participating clients in clinical environments prior to delivered to its general customer base.

"Consulting with our clients on a day-to-day basis to ensure the highest quality standards." CML believes customer service and product excellence are equally important.


Service Policies

After direct contact with qualified customer support personnel, CML uses an automated system to track issues reported by cyberREN users through the process cycle of registration and diagnosis, and on to solution design and delivery. CML has established well-defined policies and procedures for the prioritization, resolution and follow-up of cyberREN issues which arise at client facilities.

CML’s support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a pager service, with a guaranteed ½ hour response time. From our offices, our staff is able to access cyberREN technical installations all over the world, to implement diagnostic and corrective activity where required within a very short time interval.

Even before the implementation phase and subsequent customer support phase of a client installation, CML’s deployment team applies quality processes to ensure the smooth integration of cyberREN technology into the work flows of the client organization. CML is in a position to support client with various internal levels of expertise in the Change Management cycle, in the transition from current practices to operation with the advanced cyberREN medical record.

A History of Quality

Since 1996, when cyberREN was first introduced to the market, CML has established a successful track record of building and supporting a quality electronic medical record. Its focus on the nephrology sector, specifically from the clinical perspective, has resulted in an exceptionally comprehensive and user-friendly system, whose suite of available features has no peer in the field.

CML has continually stayed at the technical leading edge, addressing new clinical and technical opportunities as they have appeared. CML has for example pioneered slow nocturnal hemodialysis monitoring and treatment data collection, supporting various North American pilot studies establishing the benefits of this new treatment modality.

CML was also first in offering a Windows based architecture with a graphical user interface, direct communications with dialysis machines, the use of industrial relational database technology etc.

Since that time, CML has maintained its status as the EMR supplier with the most advanced, readily accessible technology available in the market. This is an end-result of our commitment to quality and our focus on client needs.