cyberREN is equipped with a comprehensive series of alerts that serve our clients with 2 main objectives:

1) Complete and timely patient interventions.

2) Complete and timely patient billing.

The following table lists some of the most significant alerts which are supplied by cyberREN:

Order Alerts
  • Order Verification
Physician verification of verbal or telephone orders.
  • New Orders
Physician orders that need to be acknowledged.
  • Pending Orders
Physician orders which have been acknowledged but need to be completed.
Medication Alerts
  • Medications to be Given


All session related medications required to be administered prior to closing dialysis session.
  • Medications to be Reviewed
Medication orders which need to be reviewed. The “next review” frequency is user definable.
  • Medication Order Completeness
Medication order completeness is required when creating a new medication order: mandatory field include, physician, dosage, frequency, route.
  • Medication Order Comments
Medication order comments are required when creating a session related medication, a medication with a frequency of one, or an EPO medication order dosage which is greater than 10,000 units.
  • Allergies
On all medication ordering displays, the cyberREN user is alerted of patient allergies to medications.

Further alerts are listed below.

The Patient List, cyberREN's central display, presents all patient alerts in a concentrated format.

In the sample to the right, alerts are shown as a check mark, which when clicked will show the alert in detail.

It is the general task of the caregiver staff, to keep all cyberREN alerts clear.


Laboratory Result Alerts

  • New Lab Results
New lab results which have entered the system.
  • Abnormal Lab Results
All lab results which are out of range, or which are changing too quickly. The range can be specific to a lab element or specific to a patient and is user definable.
  • Lab Test Requisitions

Requisitions to be completed / patient samples to be drawn.


For a complete list of cyberREN alerts & expectations, contact Cybernius Medical Sales or CML Technical Support.