Product Overview - HD/PD Access Charting  

The hemodialysis access provides the route for the blood to be cleansed, i.e. in and out of the patient’s circulatory system, and is a significant factor in the cost of treatment as well as in the efficacy of the dialysis treatment.

cyberREN’s hemodialysis access charting function is first used when a hemodialysis access is installed for a patient, when charting regular access assessments or recirculation measurements and when charting access complications and revisions. A complete list of chart functions is presented below:

The hemodialysis access information is imported automatically into other hemodialysis chart sections such as the hemodialysis prescription and session charting.



Installation: A record of the installation of the hemodialysis access performed in advance of hemodialysis treatment. A photograph of the body location at which the access is installed, or alternately a drawing of the access location on the appendage is part of the installation documentation.

Assessments: Regular visual assessments of the hemodialysis access, to determine access deterioration and potential for existing complications.

Recirculation: A record of the rate of access flow and flow recirculation as well as restrictions in the access, factors directly impacting the access’s efficiency.

Complications: Problems occurring with the access that can be treated and corrected, or result in access failure requiring access removal.

Failure / Removal: A record of the reason for the hemodialysis access failure and its removal.

Revisions: In order to correct problems with the access, some surgical or other intervention may be required, these being charted in this section.



Hemodialysis - PD Access Charting

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