Product Overview - Hemodialysis Monitoring/Treatment Data Collection  

An important function in hemodialysis charting is the registration of hemodialysis treatment data into the medical record, which demands considerable time of nursing staff when using a conventional chart.

cyberREN registers periodic machine data snapshots, including the patient’s blood pressure reading, dialysate flow and dialysate temperature readings, arterial and venous pressure readings, etc.

cyberREN automates this treatment data collection and registration, reducing manual effort and errors as well as increasing safety.

The cyberDAX module, which is vendor neutral, i.e. obtains treatment data from a variety of dialysis machines brands operating in parallel. Although it is common for a treatment facility to operate a single brand of dialysis machine, the cyberREN system can be adjusted at low cost to accommodate different brands in the future, maintaining purchasing flexibility for the operator of the dialysis facility.

cyberDAX can communicate directly with many brands of dialysis machines on the market, i.e. without a proprietary data collection system sometimes offered by the dialysis machine vendor, following dialysis machines are supported:

Fresenius 2008E/F/H/K/T, 4008/5008/TMon

Nikkiso DBB-05/06/07

B Braun Dialog, Monitrol

Bellco Formula

Baxter Exalis, Phoenix, AK98