Product Overview - Nephrology Charting  
cyberREN was conceived and developed specifically for use in the treatment of renal disease. The cyberREN system is designed to completely replace a paper based system and is equipped with more nephrology specific functions and sophistication in individual features than any other competitive system on the market.

The cyberREN medical record supports all modalities of ESRD treatment, including chronic kidney disease (CKD) treatment, hemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD) treatment as well as comprehensive transplant follow-up functions.


Nephrology Specific Functions


Pre-ESRD Management – complete medical record functions for CKD patients, diagnoses, residual function tracking, transplant work-up management

Hemodialysis – comprehensive, partially automated treatment documentation, fully automated treatment log, dialysis incidents charting, hemodialysis prescription ordering, hemodialysis treatment statistics, home dialysis treatment capture.

Peritoneal Dialysis – peritoneal dialysis ordering, exchange charting, peritonitis tracking, peritoneal access charting, PET testing.

Transplant Follow-up – HLA typing, cross match testing, graft installation, rejection episode tracking, graft function tracking, special flowsheets (laboratory results/medication dosages and other therapy parameters).

Hemodialysis/Peritoneal Access – initial surgery/access installation, location diagram / digital image, assessments, complications, revisions.

Nephrology Charting for Today


Hemodialysis Schedule – color coded hemodialysis schedule with caregiver assignment/scheduling. Automatically drives other hemodialysis functions/reports.

Care Plans – issue-centric and discipline-centric models, automated compilation of supporting clinical information, hardcopy output for permanent record, patient copy.

CQI/DOQI Guideline Support – automated compilation and special presentation of quality of treatment parameters.

Machine Maintenance/Inventory Functions – machine / parts / consumables inventory, equipment work order definition and processing, equipment problem tracking, cost of ownership calculation.

Hemodialysis Treatment Data Gathering/Remote Monitoring – automated, direct communications with multiple brands of dialysis machines, comprehensive treatment data capture and reporting, central visualization of ongoing dialysis treatments, trending, remote home dialysis monitoring.