The medical record consists of substantial volumes of clinical data collected over time. Such data serves as a pool of clinical data for overall treatment assessment and allows analysis and reporting of detailed aspects of the status of each patient and also the entire patient population.

cyberREN is ODBC compliant and may export data to a number of third-party applications used to report, format and further qualify data retrieved from the medical record. cyberREN comes equipped with a large number of Excel spreadsheets with built in queries for various purposes, as illustrated below.



Integrated Excel spreadsheets extend cyberREN's data display and reporting capability almost indefinitely, and place a familiar and valuable clinical data filtering, sorting and reformatting capability into the hands of each cyberREN user.

The qualified cyberREN users may also take advantage of Microsoft Excel features and functions to build queries and reports of cyberREN data themselves, and may make these spreadsheets available to the entire user population through cyberREN’s user interface.

Spreadsheets are called up directly from the cyberREN menu system or from the Patient List using a dedicated spreadsheet icon


Below is a sample of a graphical representation that is built into many standard cyberREN spreadsheets.


The graphic is typically available on a second worksheet within the spreadsheet.

Should a cyberREN user wish to make data presentation changes or data content reductions to the set of data which was retrieved by cyberREN's spreadsheet, they are able to, as the cyberREN user always works with a copy of the original spreadsheet.


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