cyberREN has the capability of capturing services that are associated with a charge or a cost, and exporting financial data in the form of a report, or as an HL7 based (or other) data stream directly to a financial system or we have a NEW Financial Management system cyberFUNDS.

The cyberREN Bundling Solution

What is Bundling?

Pending CMS regulations stipulate that an ESRD facility will be reimbursed based on a “bundle,” which is a single set fee for all the items provided during a dialysis treatment. The bundle will include the treatment itself and the medications and services that were previously billed separately.  Compliance with the new CMS regulations becomes mandatory January 2011. ESRD facilities are required to notify CMS of their degree of transition (blend) to the new regulations by November 1st 2010.


How does it effect you?

  • additional clinical parameters will need to be charted (hemo access, infection)
  • your organization will be required to submit claims in a different format
  • the new claim format will include additional clinical information which must be retrieved from the medical record
  • your reimbursement will increase or decrease depending on the nature of your patient population as well as the accuracy and completeness of the medical record

How does cyberREN support bundling?

cyberREN supports bundling from both a clinical and financial perspective.

cyberREN will;

  • capture the required demographic information including, BSA and BMI
  • automatically capture & code the mode of hemodialysis access
  • capture and maintain a current problem list as well as co-morbid conditions list, which are ICD-9 coded (ICD-10 also already supported)
  • include these clinical attributes in subsequent financial processing

Business Analysis: cyberREN will enable organizations to run simulations that will predict revenues according to the different blending options, allowing the choice of the blend that will generate the most revenue.

CMS Compliance: cyberREN assures that your claims will meet all the requirements imposed by the new CMS regulations.


Revenue Optimization: no transcription, no missed charges, timely claim generation, timely payments.


Avoid Regulatory Audit Stress: your medical record will always be consistent with your financial record.




Keeping Current with CMS Regulations

cyberFUNDS offers a complete, price competitive suite of financial management functions through a fully graphical user interface using modern relational database technology and a full integration with the cyberREN medical record. The design of the system minimizes complexity, automates the integration of clinical and financial data as required by the payers and shortens workflow's as well as billing cycle times as much as possible.

Billing for Nephrology

"We needed a complete EMR system, that's why we chose cyberREN"


CML’s support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a pager service, with a guaranteed ½ hour response time. From our offices, our staff is able to access cyberREN technical installations all over the world, to implement diagnostic and corrective activity where required within a very short time interval.

New Billing Product - cyberFUNDS

cyberREN's capture of financial information is automatic and completely transparent.

cyberREN charge capture, which is in a byproduct of the regular charting process offers the following benefits:

  • No missed billings, no lost revenue
  • All invoices have the correct and the appropriate charge justification
  • Easy association between invoice item and medical record entry
  • Downstream of cyberREN, quick invoice compilation, no delays in generating invoice
  • Fewer returned or questioned invoices, less time waiting for reimbursement.

The overall billing process within a facility consists of four steps:

  • The registration of billable interventions, activities and results in the clinical record,
  • reporting of billable events at the end of a billing period,
  • preparation of a submission to an insurance carrier,
  • reconciliation of payment by the insurance carrier to original submission.

cyberREN assists in the first two steps of this process. With cyberREN, billable services are automatically captured as a byproduct of normal charting. Subsequently, a report of billable events can be transferred electronically to a third party billing system, which in turn performs the submission and reconciliation steps.

The diagram below illustrates the processing of financial information



Electronic Billing

Rules based invoice generation, automated reconciliation.


Clinical and Financial Integration

EMR and financial functions.


Computer Aided Balancing

Ensures your accounts are accurate.


Modern User Friendly Design

Applying the latest object oriented programming techniques to maximize efficiency & productivity, while minimizing errors.


Multi-Functional Windows

Allows users to switch between windows.


On-Line Service

Qualified, efficient, and accessible support team.