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cyberREN is a complete renal system - it provides a large suite of features for all clinical areas involved in renal care. Basic functions include patient encounter charting, problem-oriented clinical reporting, paperless hemodialysis session charting, access charting, on-line lab data management and automated charge capture.

cyberREN incorporates disciplinary multi- use - physician, nurse, administrator, nutritionist, technician and social worker. cyberren includes multi-disciplinary care plan management, definition of standard critical pathways and related outcomes assessment.

cyberREN supports all treatment modalities - pre-dialysis, hemodialysis, PD and transplant follow-up. cyberREN pioneered support for Slow Nocturnal Home Dialysis (SNHD), i.e. remote treatment data capture and online monitoring.

cyberREN is flexible and modifiable - users have a great deal of flexibility in charting options and determining how cyberREN actually operates within their own clinic.




cyberREN utilizes user-specified reports and graphs - users define how information is displayed, cyberREN provides export of clinical data into Excel spreadsheets for analysis and reporting.

cyberREN communications supports multiple hospital, office and satellite clinic networking, remote dialysis monitoring, hemodialysis machine linkage, and interfacing to other clinical systems such as lab, billing, ADT, radiology, pharmacy and others.

cyberREN supports the import of laboratory results from the Satellite (CA), ESRD (FL), Spectra (CA) and PAML (WA) laboratory services providers.

cyberREN is dialysis machine vendor neutral and can support direct communications with all brands of dialysis machines, using either the serial or network interfaces.

cyberREN continuous improvement - CML's aggressive, on-going product development plan  ensures compliance with changing needs and clinical practice as well as changing regulatory requirements.


cyberREN is price-competitive – although a powerful and comprehensive software package, it is priced with the budgets of all ranges of operations.

cyberREN is Personal Computer and Windows based -  “point-and-click” ease of use with a sophisticated Windows user interface.
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