Smoothing the transition
Your self-sufficiency with the cyberREN system is the ultimate measure of our training success. Our goal is to fully facilitate the transfer of knowledge necessary for you to successfully use cyberREN on a daily basis at all functional levels, and to maximize the benefits from your investment in the cyberREN system.

At every stage of your implementation, our training brings your project teams, clinical and administrative users up to speed quickly. We offer comprehensive, cost-effective training solutions, as described below:

Nephrology Specific EMR systems for 30 Years




Initial Orientation

To facilitate decision making regarding the integration of the cyberREN application into the business process and workflow's of the health care delivery organization, CML provides a high level overview of cyberREN functions and features to the client’s management levels.

This training is delivered at a very early project phase to all senior stakeholders and clinical disciplines.


On-site Classroom Training

cyberREN training is delivered in two phases. Basic cyberREN training allows the renal care delivery organization to use the cyberREN system in its daily activities, Advanced training, which is typically given six months after cyberREN go-live, makes users familiar with cyberREN’s advanced features, which provide functions over and above those available in a conventional medical record. All cyberREN training is delivered on-site, out of the treatment areas, with no distractions.



Custom Training

At CML, we recognize that each health care provider, treatment center, and user have unique training needs. To facilitate these needs, we offer a custom training service to assist you in identifying the best solution for your employees - from administrators to end-users.

Working together, we develop a combination of classroom courses and computer-based training (CBT) exercises that utilizes your data in your environment.

Our training structure delivers charting-based classroom training with knowledgeable clinical instructors and standard materials. Our classroom courses are designed for users who learn best in a face-to-face environment or who require in-depth knowledge transfer.

Our instructors have a thorough knowledge of renal care delivery practices, capabilities, and administrative considerations.

"You benefit from the expertise of those who know your field best."