CML considers itself an extension of the operation of each one of its clients using the cyberREN system. CML is committed to a long-term relationship with its clients, and to maximizing the benefits that each client is able to draw from the cyberREN system.

CML’s ongoing support services are offered in two areas:

Customer support

CML is the client's first point of contact for all issues related to the cyberREN system, whether they be hardware, software or networking issues.

Direct telephone availability between 0800 and 1700 Mountain Standard Time (MST).

24 hour pager availability, 7 days per week

CML deals with all problems on a priority basis, with events or conditions that prevent access to certain cyberREN functions being assigned the highest priority.

Direct feedback received from CML clients determine 90% of CML’s product development and improvement program.

Depending on their general appeal, clients can expect to see their suggestions for cyberREN improvements in the product within 3 to 18 months.

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24 hour pager availability, 7 days per week


Software maintenance

cyberREN users are entitled to receive free product upgrades for the first year after cyberREN installation. In subsequent years, cyberREN users can extend a Software Maintenance Agreement and continued to receive all product upgrades on a regular basis.

All product upgrades are installed by CML technical personnel remotely, the cyberREN users have little or no impact on their operations.

Third party upgrades, for example the underlying relational database management system, are also covered to the same level by the Software Maintenance Agreement.

The cyberREN system is continually improved to reflect changing user needs, and new regulatory requirements.

cyberREN upgrades are available on a biannual basis, and are optional. The user may elect to schedule the installation of upgrades which are no older than two years.