Consulting prior to training qualified CML clinical personnel review current operating procedures (all disciplines) and client chart documentation and establish equivalents/improvements to cyberREN features. Clients are enabled to improve operating procedures once the cyberREN system is installed.

Deployment CML technical staff review the required infrastructure and technical components to be purchased with a client. On site, the cyberREN software is deployed and all communication links to ancillary systems established.

Training all clinical and administrative staff experience discipline-specific training at various levels. CML staff remain onsite for hands-on assistance during the first week of actual cyberREN usage.

Ongoing Software Maintenance on the basis of client feedback and industry trends, CML provides updates to the cyberREN system and third party licenses on an annual basis. These updates address regulatory changes, opportunities for further charting safety and efficiency, new dialysis machines and other technology entering the market, etc.

Client Support qualified technical personnel are available to answer any questions regarding cyberREN usage and function on a 24x7 basis.

Cybernius Medical Ltd. working together to make your renal care operations run smoothly.