cyberREN is a complete electronic medical record (EMR) specifically designed for nephrology, the treatment of kidney disease. A comprehensive overview is presented below. Click here for a General Overview.


Please consult the related pages selectable below for details pertaining to individual chart components and functions.

Customer Quality Assurance/Improvement
> Care Maps / Protocols
> Performance / DOQI
User Defined Flowsheets
> Alerts/Exceptions
> Care Plans
Basic Medical Functions
> Progress Tracking
> Ordering
> Laboratory Data Management
> Medications
> Consultations / External Results
> Reporting
> Hospitalizations

> Problem Management


Automated Calculations
> Kinetic Modeling
> Spreadsheet Functions
> Rate of Change Calculations
Nephrology Charting
> Hemodialysis Charting
> Peritoneal Dialysis Charting
> Dialysis Access Charting (HD, PD)
> Hemodialysis Scheduling
> Transplant Workup / Follow-up
> Treatment Data